We are currently hold Heelwork To Music / Freestyle classes every other Thursday at Gate Helmsley Village Hall - if you are interested please contact us to check availability.

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      Heelwork To Music is a great way of developing your dog’s training and focus, whilst increasing their skills and flexibility. 

For people who love doing competitive style obedience, some Heelwork To Music can really boost your dogs work and spice up your training.

No previous experience of Heelwork To Music is needed for either owner or dog, just a foundation of basic obedience.

This exciting sport open to everyone – even if you have two left feet! You just need a sense of humour and a desire to have fun with your dog.

We aim to take you from beginner level onwards as far as you wish to go, right up to competition levels if you are feeling inspired!

Our main aim though is that you have lots of fun, this is a fantastic sport which is only limited by your imagination.

Our classes are designed for all breeds of dog.

Classes are run by an experienced instructor who competes and judges in the sport.