Puppy Start Right Program



Start your puppy off on the right paw with our Puppy Start Right Program! This can be booked either prior to your new puppy coming home or up until they are 16 weeks of age.

Our aim with this program is to help you with all the home training and care for your new puppy in the critical period between them arriving home and attending their first training classes. Focusing on getting your puppy to have positive experiences during this key socialisation period which are critical for their early development in building a confident and happy adult dog.

We also start you off on your basic manners training and building the fundermental blocks for dealing with those common puppy behaviour problems such as puppy biting, toilet training, jumping up, and more.

At A Glance
45 minute home consultation
Helping you with home life with your puppy
Teaching you fundamentals of clicker training
Training information booklet covering home training such as puppy biting and toilet training
Introduciton to correct socilisation for your puppy

  Booking Details
Open enrollment meaning you can book at your convenience (based on availability)
£40 for a 45 minute home visit.
Includes: Training information booklet, clicker, and treats.

  Booking Eligibility
Bookings accepted before puppy arrives home up until they are 16 weeks old.