Social Dog Walks



Socialising your dog is an important part of their growth, as well as socialising to the world and introducing them to lots of different things, teaching them to play and socialse with other dogs nicely will make your life a lot easier.

At Star Paws we hold regular social walks where owners and dogs can get together for a walk, chat and play around a local location. As well as other dog lovers there is also a trainer on hand to help out if you have any training queries you would like to ask us.

Please see our calandar for the next social walk date.

At A Glance
A group social walk to help your puppy learn to play and interact with other dogs.
Trainer attends so you can ask any questions needed.
Walk lasts around an hour at a local location.
Keep an eye out for dates on our Facebook and events page.

  Booking Details
Free for the hour social walk.
This is a standard walk, Star Paws takes no responsibility for the dogs on the walk but are on hand to answer any training questions.


Booking Eligibility
Open to any dog as long as they do not have an agression problem.