Dog Walking, Pet & Horse Sitting

We offer an experienced, freindly, dog walking and pet sitting service, from the smallest MICE right through to HORSES.


Dog Walking  (from £10 per hour)Services-Walking1

All dogs need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy, but we don’t always have enough hours in the day to give our dogs the walk they need. So why not let us take out your canine friend to one of our great local dog walking locations to let them have a charge around.

We collect your dog/s from your house and either walk from your house on their normal walk or transport them in our Star Paws Van, which has secure dog cages in the back, to a nature reserve or woodlands to take them on their walk.

Dogs will either be walked in a group or one to one with our walker. During their walk we will give your dog lots of interaction and play lots of games. We walk in all weathers and have a small range of waterproof coats that we can lend to your dog if it is raining to stop them getting too wet.

We also offer training walks which involve training whilst the dogs are on their walk, working on their recalls, sitting before crossing roads, or just the basic not pulling on the lead. If you have any other issues you would like us to work on we can look at these too.

On returning from our walks we clean muddy paws, check your dog has water and can complete any extra tasks such as feeding ect.

For more information or to book onto our dog walking services please visit the conact us page.


Pet Visits (from £5 per hour)            Rabbits      

If you are going out for the day and don’t want to worry about leaving your pet at home for a long period of time then we can pop in and check your pets are alright. We can tailor these visits to suit your needs from checking feed and giving your pets some attention to  bringing in the mail, closing curtains, turning on/off lights, and taking out rubbish.

Puppy Visits from £7 per visit               pup

If you have a new puppy and are out for the day we can pop in and spend 20 - 30 minutes with your puppy, letting them out in the garden, playing with them, giving them cuddles, and feeding them.  


Horse Visits (from £10 per hour)            horses1

If you need someone to pop down to the yard and turn out or turn in your horse then we are happy to help. We can rug, feed, groom, whatever you require. We also offer limited time turn out during the winter, if your horse is only aloud out for a certain amount of time in bad weather we can let them out and get them back in.

Horse Sitting         horses2     

Similar to our pet sitting service this one is for our equine friends. We will visit your horse twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening and complete all daily duties including mucking out, grooming, and feeding. We can tailor this service to your exact requirements.

For more information or to book any of our horse sitting services please visit the contact us page