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Star Paws is a family-run business with over 20 years of experience in the dog world, we cater to all dogs, and all our services are tailored to suit the individual needs of the owners and their dogs.

We aim to help owners navigate training their dogs in the simplest possible way whilst still having fun and building a great relationship with their dogs.

We specialise mainly in clicker training and strongly promote positive, reward-based methods for training your dogs. We have classes in pet obedience, clicker training, heelwork to music, and rally obedience. We also run one-day workshops in all sports and training, these workshops are also available for other dog clubs to book. 

We currently operate in East Riding of Yorkshire with our training classes based in and around the Pocklington area, and workshops being booked across Yorkshire and the UK.


We are fully insured and are DBS-cleared.


Our Methods
At Star Paws we believe in training dogs with force-free methods, we strongly reward-based methods in our puppy training classes and help students to use the pawsome method of clicker training which the dogs love. Reward-based training is proven to be highly effective and is much more motivational for your dog.



Laura has always had dogs in her life and has competed with dogs for 20 years in a number of sports from showing to agility and heelwork to music. With her own dogs she has won out into Advanced in both agility and heelwork to music and often provides displays at both Discover Dogs and Crufts. She has been a professional dog trainer for 15 years and is currently working towards being accredited with the Kennel Club.

Meet The Team Laura


Louise has owned dogs her whole life and has worked dogs through to Advanced in agility, heelwork to music, and working trials. She also joins the team providing displays at Discover Dogs and Crufts. Louise is also a qualified dog groomer and provides our dog grooming service. 

Meet The Team Louise


Feel free to get in touch to discuss any of our services.

07545 453 315

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